About Us

Dynamic Customized Real Estate Investments For Individuals and Funds

We started in 2004 with one duplex in the inner city of Cleveland, and moved up from there. As the Foreclosure Epidemic gained momentum in 2008, we used that to our advantage, and acquire dirt cheap properties all across Northeastern Ohio; Single family homes, doubles, triplexes and small apartment houses and buildings.

As we gained a market advantage when most others were retreating, we initiated a strategic Internet marketing and Google Ads (ppc) campaign that took of like fireworks, very soon we had thousands of ready and willing investors for every property we acquired. The allowed us to turn over our inventory fast so that we could focus on what we do best; property research, intelligence, marketing and high value asset acquisition.

Cleveland is High Equity Market with Forced Appreciation Opportunities.

We focus on high equity properties and services. In the current marketplace, going off market has its advantages.

Publicly listed properties that have any value or potential will sell fast as there is a large amount of private wealth chasing real estate in secondary and tertiary markets right now.


Cash Flow Real Estate

Our original investing business was residential real estate. We purchases hundreds of foreclosed homes and apartments in Ohio from 2004 to 2018 and redeveloped these properties into stable cash-flowing properties for passive investors that are not interested in doing the hard grit work of rehabbing and leasing.

We now focus on information and investment information in financial industries beyond real estate:

  • Tax lien investing
  • Flipping for quick cash profits
  • Real estate wealth building systems that work¬†
  • REIT Investing
  • Commercial real estate investing
  • Personal financial strategies
  • Corporate financial strategies
  • Discount mortgage investing
  • Long term investment strategies in stocks
  • International real estate investing
  • Modern Marketing for deals that have equity in every cycle
  • Financial news and strategies (blog)
  • Expert financial interviews and podcasts


Cleveland Cash Flow Properties

We love working with individuals that know that they want. Local or international, we are in Cleveland and can source your investment products in real estate. This is a unique market with multiple dynamics that need to be considered and we believe an investor not from here needs more than just a Real estate agent’s perspective and opinion.