Zlatko Sukalic

I acquired my second investment property from ValleyWide for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR IN LAKEWOOD-OH, it was one of the best investments I have ever made. WIth the dream investment properties they are able to acquire due to their strategic marketing and relationships, I will continue to work with them in order to help me […]

Abdul Syed

We were ecstatic when we stumbled across the idea of cash flow properties, but had no idea where to start. I was very fortunate and blessed to find valleywide Investments. Upon seeing the incredible properties available and great monthly returns from long term tenants, we had no choice but to get involved with the opportunity […]

Chris Jones

I bought another fixer from ValleyWide in the Collinwood (Cleveland neighborhood) area and am very happy with the quality of investment homes he sells. He got me in contact with rehab people and a property manager and all of those referrals have been to great people. This fixer will be rehabbed and rented in under […]

P. Jarchov

My experience with purchasing an investment property was hassle-free. It was quit easy to work with you and your team to complete the investment. Acquiring a rental investment property from you guys proved to be a good choice among many options out there, thank you!

Dr. Martin Landau

My experience with Valleywide was positive and rewarding and I take great pleasure in writing this letter. I reside on the West coast of the US and the income properties here can be very overpriced or unprofitable on cash flow. My experience with them thus far, I would not go anywhere else for the rental […]