Cleveland Cash Flow Properties

Looking For a High Cash Flow and Return on Your Hard-Earned Money?

You Have Found One Of The Last Undervalued Real Estate Markets In The United States!

Low cost cash flow properties that produce a steady positive cash flow?



Are you still stuck in traditional investments? The financial world is changing everyday, why let your precious money be subject to market manipulations that you have no control over or time to figure out?

Take back control with a proven, old fashion income-producing real estate investment. Hard assets cannot disappear overnight like stocks and crypto-currency, and even if they do you have strong insurance plans that protect you.

We Have Been Selling Cleveland Cash Flow Properties Since 2004 To Investors

What Are The Main Benefits To Owning Positive Cash Flow Properties

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Solid Premium Duplex Cash Flowing $1,300 Per Month With Long Term Tenants

"I purchased several cash flow properties from Valleywide and have been very happy with the above-average returns and low cost. YOu cannot get these kind of deals where I live (California)..

..The process was very transparent and educational. I was not aware of how much work can go into getting a property up to stable cash flow, I'm glad I invested in turnkey rentals instead of trying to find, buy and rehab them on my own from 2,000 miles away"
Kenny B.
San Diego, CA