Inflation Rates

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Inflation interest and search trends are skyrocketing.

Investors and people on all income levels are concerned about Inflation, as these costs erode personals savings and investments.

Only the ultra-rich have devices designed to allow them to profit immensely from the effects of Inflation and the Government is one of them.

Having cash sitting in a savings account is the worst thing to do right now for ROI, even though it seems the safest, you are losing up to 7% of it’s value.

What can the average person do right now to “fight” this hidden tax?

If you have under $100,000, not much in terms of traditional investments.

However, for the industrious, you have some alternative options but they require you to be entrepreneurial.

In our opinion at Valleywide, we believe owning your own cash flow business is the best way to blunt Inflation.


Very risky and not guaranteed by any exchange but yield from 5% to 14% annual percentage rates. These rates are very high and rich, so who know how long this will last. We recommend secure established exchanges.

Active Trader

Learn how to trade and create your own income from stock options, hedges and commodity plays.

Start your own business

There are many millionaires in the USA making “Gig” income from their home computers in a vast array of mini-services you can offer to businesses large and small. This is the most secure, since your income is developed by your own efforts and not dependent on anyone else.

Invest in good businesses

Warren Buffet’s recommendation is to own a piece of a good business that survives cyclical changes in the Economy. There are numerous resources to find stable divident REIT’s and stocks that will be around for a long time.