Investment Income Versus Business Income

Investment Income Versus Business Income

How does your earnings affect your lifestyle?

It’s very simple, and you should take a day or two to determine what is important to you.

  • Earing passive investment income will give you the most freedom
  • Earning business income through running a business will involve operations, management, managing people and fulfilling orders, marketing and service.
  • Earning income from a job is the most time intensive, lowest yield form of income, as your time is owned by a corporation that contracted with you to exchange low dollars for your labor.

Yes, you could be one of the few that owns businesses that provide semi-passive income like certain types of income-producing real estate, a business holding company that owns businesses and you hired a general manager to handle the day to day operations.

But, investment income is the winner. First, you have to make your pile of cash from a business or job, then you invest consistently and strategically

What are the best forms of passive income investments today?

  • Stablecoins (3%-20% annual percentage rate and yields)!
  • Buying private discounted mortgages 30%-50% of their face value.
  • Investing in 18% real estate tax liens.
  • Investing in businesses as an equity partner.
  • Loaning out money privately as a debt partner to real estate investors for 10% to 20% plus points.
  • Purchasing Limited Partnership shares of a company or asset
  • Investing in cryptocurrency in general.
  • Building a long term stock dividend portfolio.
  • Investing in NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).
  • Buying shares of real estate in REITS or new digital platforms that sell shares of individual income properties.
  • Directly build a commercial real estate portfolio with professional management companies (Self storage, office, retail and 100 unit+ apartments)
  • Becoming an equity partner in commercial property syndications.

There are many more, but this is a list of just a few.

I our opinion, stablecoins are the best passive income opportunity right now. They are completely passive but not risk-free. You can earn up to 12%-20% depending on your risk apatite.

The more stable coins offer 5-9% APR and with compounding you can get 12% APY. These are coins and exchanges with multi-billions in volume or hundreds of millions, in many cases much much more liquid than regional banks offering LOW returns of .5% – 1.00% APR.