Invest In Real Estate From Anywhere In The World

minimize your risk

Invest in cash flow properties that have a good positive cash flow and cost under $99.000.

follow the money

Find out why large funds, investors and individuals are looking to Cleveland areas now for investment and new development opportunities.

portfolio builder

Build a smart real estate portfolio to preserve your wealth with high R.O.I.'s that cancel out inflationary forces and other increasing costs.

stacked investments

"Smart investors are stacking their investments to maximize capital gains and cash flow. Why build out a horizontal income portfolio of rental houses? learn more about our stacked investment strategy, also knows as the Reverse Pyramid.

Common concerns

We have access to several of the largest property man agent outfits to accommodate your investment.

Our prices start around $60,000 and go up from there. 1-4 units are typical under $99,000. Commercial and apartment opportunities vary greatly.

We can act as your primary Liaison between contractors, leasing agent and any other parties involved. We can also connect you to our local network of professionals we have used for 15 years.

some clients say...

"Valleywide delivered 3 duplexes for me and I am very happy with their services."
Kenny Berman
Coronado, CA
"I bought 2 Cleveland cash flow properties from Valleywide and they were money-makers for several years. Thank you!"
Said abdul
"Valleywide provided solid investment properties to me for 10 years, I made my money back several times over and would confidently recommend them to any realistic investor."
Chris Jones
San Diego, CA
"Valleywide helped us acquire over 30 rental properties in Cleveland. They had resources and skills we did not have or time to develop, we recommend them highly."
Robert Cannon
Investment Banker

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